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Review: WonderFold W2 Elite Twin Stroller Wagon

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

We’ve been part of the Wonderfold Wagon family since 2019, when we bought our first Wonderfold Wagon - a W1 2-seater stroller wagon (read our review on the W1 here). The W1 was perfect for our first two years as we jetted around shopping malls, weaved our way through parks across the Pacific Northwest, and best of all, contained the twins during important remodeling projects (ah, the days before they could walk).

Eliza and Jade enjoying the paper lanterns at the local zoo.

When the twins turned three, we realized that while it didn’t bother them to sit together in the W1, we wanted a little more space for their legs and all of their stuff (if you’ve been to Target with a pair of toddler twins, you know you need an incredible amount of storage space for all the goodies they want to pick up!)

So we decided to upgrade to the W2 Elite two-seater twin stroller wagon. The W2 has many of the same great features we loved on the W1, but it has elevated seating (with space for their long legs) and more storage space. Additionally, with Peter being so tall (he’s about 6’ 3”), the W2 actually gives him more room for his stride. The handlebar also sits higher than the W1, making for a more comfortable walking experience (keep in mind I am 5’ 2” and both the W1 and W2 are comfortable for me to push).

Grandma even enjoys pushing the W2!

From ordering to delivery, the wagon made it to our house in about 7 business days (please keep in mind that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times vary; it also depends on if your item is in stock).

We’ve put together this unboxing and assembly video to show you how quick and easy it is to get strolling.

If you’re curious about the pros and cons of a W1 and W2, click here.

Until then, here are our favorite features of the W2 Elite Stroller Wagon:

  • Elevated seats: This is great, as the twins now have room for legs to dangle down. The elevation is also helpful when taking the twins to the Zoo or any activity where they may want to sit higher up.

  • Higher handlebar: Peter doesn’t have to hunch over to push the girls around. The handlebar also adjusts, so adults of all heights can comfortably drive the wagon.

  • More storage: In addition to the storage space underneath the footwell, the W2 Elite also comes with a storage bin that attaches to the back of the wagon, under the handle. This has been great to store lunches, water bottles, or to use as a shopping basket. Additionally, there are two zippered pockets (one on the back of each seat) which has been great for storing keys or sunglasses.

  • Zippered entry: This is probably Eliza and Jade’s favorite part. They love that they can climb in and out of the wagon all by themselves!

Overall, we’re happy with our upgrade to the W2 Elite and can’t wait to get out there!

As brand ambassadors, we do receive a commission when you use our codes. Thank you for supporting our family.


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