You know that couple you see on instagram that takes amazing food pictures, has awesome family photos and finds time to workout together every morning? Well we aren't that. In fact, we're almost the complete opposite!


We do take food pictures, sometimes after we've taken a bite and we do take family photos, but let's face it, Hillary's family is so huge, we can never get everyone smiling and while we do try to work out, we usually do it together by deep couch sitting and watching Hulu. 

In 2018 our life was turned upside down (in a good way) when we learned we were expecting a very rare type of twins - mono/mono twins!


You may not find inspiration from us, but you'll certainly get some good laughs and maybe learn a few cool things.  

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"Did you really just ask me when Cinco de Mayo is?"

I've been an educator for almost ten years. 


During the day, I am a stay-at-home parent to our twins, Eliza and Jade (#dreamjob).


In the evening, I run an instructional coaching business.


And by some stroke of luck, I'm also Hillary's husband.



"French fries are a good side dish for everything? Right?"

During the day, I work for a tech company, leading internal communications.


In the afternoon, I run my own communications consulting business.


In the evening, I volunteer for various Seattle-based non-profits. 


Oh yeah, I'm Peter's Wife, and Eliza and Jade's mom.