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Review of Skip Hop Curve Diaper Bag Satchel in Black

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Skip Hop Curve Diaper Bag Satchel

As a twin mom, I have a lot of diaper bags. I’ve tried them all – backpack, side-bag, tote, you name it, I’ve tried it. I’m also kind of a bag snob, and have tried all of the brands you’d expect (Petunia Picklebottom, Sarah Wells (although it is originally fashioned as a pump bag), Itzy Ritzy, all the Amazon brands, etc.). So I feel like I can safely say I’ve tried a lot of bags and have some ideas on what will work for twins and what will not.

My twins were born 10 weeks pre-mature, and that meant we went to a lot of doctor’s appointments with this bag. We always packed it as if we were going to be gone for the day and it served us well.

I have had this diaper bag for over 6-months and am just getting to reviewing it (#twinmomlife).

The pros –

  • Generously large and stylish – when I first won this bag, I immediately loved the sleek look and size. In my previous life, before becoming a mom, I was a hand bag addict (I fear for anyone who goes into my basement office and opens the closet to find all of my nice, designer, hand bags crumpled together). When we found out we were having twins, my extra money went to baby stuff and hasn’t really gone to hand bags (although I enjoy a quick Nordstrom peruse to keep my cravings in check!). The curve diaper bag is legit cute – like I would bring out to lunch cute. I also love the back pocket where the diaper changing pad is stored. It’s nice if I’m out and about to just shove my sunglasses, a receipt, or whatever in the pocket. I call this the Mary Poppins bag because I cannot believe how much I can fit in it!

  • Stroller straps – strollers are a way of life for twin moms. I have two strollers, a stadium seating one and a side-by-side, and this bag straps nicely to both keeping it within easy reach. I love that the opening of the bag is on the top, too, as when I go to a public restroom to change a diaper, I can just unzip the top and it’s an added surface for me to work from – all thanks to that genius stroller strap.

  • Cross-body strap – It did come with a cross-body strap which would be very helpful if I didn’t have my stroller. I didn’t use it much since I’m all about that stroller life, but it’s there if you need it.

  • Organized, but not too organized – I like having a little bit of organization, but also the freedom to get as much stuff as I can in there. The bag comes with a few inner pockets, which help organize the diapers, etc., but I love that the main compartment is large and unobstructed. This is perfect for me to load up on all of my twin essentials

  • Easy to clean – love the material as you can easily wipe it clean with a rag and water (or a little soap if you have a huge mess on it).

Cons –

  • The only con I have is that sometimes the top droops down when totally full making the bag have a weird shape. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but I noticed a lot of other mom’s commented that this bothered them in the reviews I read. I just want to point out that it while it does do that, you can combat that by making sure you fill the bag appropriately (I’ve learned how to fill it so the crease is not there).

  • Short arm strap – I’m a petite person, so the arm strap is not short for me. Do I like to carry it over my shoulder? Not really because with twins, I need all the hands I can get. My husband, who is 6’ 3” says the straps too short, but again, he isn’t carrying it like that for very long – mostly back and forth from house to car. This could be a deal breaker for someone who is hoping to exclusively wear it on their shoulder.

Final thoughts –

Overall, I really love this diaper bag. It’s been my go-to since I won it and I will probably use it until it breaks or I feel like it’s time to trade up for something new. It fits all of my twin essentials (double the babies, double the stuff), looks great on the stroller and walking around and is well made. I highly recommend this to all twin moms who are looking for this unique blend of utility and style.

The stats from the Amazon:

Style # 816523027338

· Main diaper bag compartment with dual zip closure and extra-wide opening

· Eight pockets, including an interior zip pocket and three slip pockets

· Two hidden side bottle pockets can be accessed from inside and outside

· Wipe-clean fabric and vegan leather detail

· Vegan leather over-the-shoulder handle (approx. 6-inch drop)

· Adjustable detachable cross-body strap (adjusts from approx. 25 to 48 inches)

· Includes machine washable cushioned changing pad; size unfolded (inches): 23.5l x 12h; (cm): 60l x 30h; folded (inches): 8l x 12h; (cm): 20l x 30h

· Easily attaches to stroller with included stroller straps

· Weight: 1.75 lbs.

· Size (inches): 16.25l x 7.5w x 14.5h; (cm): 41.25l x 19w x 27h

*I won this diaper bag in an Instagram giveaway from Skip Hop. While I did not pay for the bag, I was not asked, or compensated to give a review. These are my own thoughts on the bag because I liked it so much!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. If you do choose to purchase, my family thanks you.


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