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Review: WonderFold W1 Wagon

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Updated August 2023 As the twins got older, it was clear to us that we would never again travel lightly. We have strollers (two in fact), but knew we needed something else where the twins could not only be comfortable, but could also lug around the massive amount of stuff we needed to take with us. We also wanted to give them a better way to interact with each other (hard to do that in a tandem or side-by-side stroller). Thus, we decided to hunt for a stroller wagon.

I must have read every review out there on stroller wagons, and the rare reviews on stroller wagons for twins were extra enlightening. After doing my research, I knew I wanted a quality wagon that would last at least a few years and not make me cringe at the price.

Enter the WonderFold Wagon. Peter and I went back and forth for weeks on which version we wanted. Did we want the one with more seats for future friends? Did we want the one with the canopy? And then we had to also pick the color (it's kind of funny how as you become parents your conversations include lines like, "if we get the grey wagon, we can potentially re-sell it as a gender-neutral piece").

So we decided to get the WonderFold Wagon W1 in smoke grey. When it arrived, I was very excited to open the box and we rushed it right into the garage to assemble. Assembly was easy and the twins had fun watching us put their new mode of transportation together.

Above is my favorite parent console!

Once assembled, I actually had a question about something that looked off and I couldn't figure out why. So I emailed WonderFold support, and within a few hours, they responded with an answer (which turned out was user error and I won't even repeat what it was because I just feel silly now!). I tell this story because the customer service is just amazing!

Since the first ride, the twins have really enjoyed it. When they were less mobile, it was great to use in the garage when we needed to clean up or in the yard when we were weeding. They weren't able to crawl out or move around much, but could stand (while supervised) and it was fun for them.

Now that they can walk, we do have to use the 5-point harness anytime we put them in the wagon, but they don't mind and they love that they can look at each other and, ultimately, always get in a laughing battle amongst themselves. If your kids have height in their genes (Peter is 6' 4"), they will likely have to split or move their legs to the side. The twins don't seem to mind but as an adult looking in, you might wonder if they're cramped. They've assured me that they're fine and really just love being wheeled around. They are now almost 3 and we use our wagon at least once a week.

Other features we love are the side saddle pockets, which are great for snacks, toys, your cell phone, or anything else you need to lug around. We also purchased the snack tray, which is great for picnics on the go!

Peter's favorite part is the moveable sun shade that he can adjust to ensure they aren't getting too much sun on their fair skin. We both love how compact it folds up and, overall, are really happy with our choice.

We've since joined the WonderFold family as ambassadors and get the great privilege of sharing our adventures in our WonderFold wagon.

Ready to make your purchase?

As brand ambassadors, we do receive a commission when you use these codes. Thank you for supporting our family.

2 comentários

jujubee tran
jujubee tran
28 de jul. de 2023

i see that in the last picture Peter is pulling on gravel with the twins. Did you have issues maneuvering the W1 through the gravel or sand?

Peter & Hillary
Peter & Hillary
28 de jul. de 2023
Respondendo a

Hi! Depending on the roughness (and weight of the kids), it does take a little more strength. On the photographed gravel, it was more effort and he could not push, he had to pull. On compact, soft sand, no issues pulling or pushing! I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!

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