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Comparison: WonderFold W2 Elite and W1 Original

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

In 2019, we purchased our first WonderFold Wagon. We weren’t sure if it'd be right for us, but we’re so happy we tried it! Over three years later, we are still big fans!

L: W2 Elite R: W1 Original

Our original wagon is the W1 Original Double Stroller Wagon (read our review of the W1 Original here). We loved it so much, we decided to add another to our fleet - the W2 Elite Double Stroller Wagon (read our review of the W2 Elite here). Both wagons are incredible for twins and we’re sharing all of the details on both below.


According to WonderFold’s website, the W1 Original comes in at 33 pounds, while the W2 Elite weighs 47 pounds; both with their respective seats installed. The difference is minimal for us, as both wagons feel heavy, but not so much that you can’t load them into the trunk of your car.


While folded, the W1 Original sits at 32.5 inches tall from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the folding bars. The W2 Elite sits at 40.5 inches tall. Be sure to measure the storage space in your car to make sure either will fit (we drive a 2018 Honda Pilot and both fit fine).

Wagon Features

If you check out the comparison chart on WonderFold’s website, you’ll see the main difference between the W1 and W2 series is size. The W1 is a really compact stroller that fits in most places. There has never been a time when we couldn’t navigate it in and out of a store, or through tight aisles. The small frame, though, means that it sits lower to the ground, and for taller parents, it may not be as comfortable to push.

The W2 is less compact and is, what we would call, a “full-size” wagon. It isn’t necessarily hard to navigate in tight spaces, but it takes up significantly more space. It also sits higher up, allowing better viewing of all the things for the twins and is more comfortable for Peter (he’s 6’ 3”) to push around.

L: W2 Elite R: W1 Original


Overall, both wagons serve the purpose of “storing” your most precious cargo - your kids. That said, tell me a time when you didn’t need extra storage pockets, or places to stash extra clothes, treats, or water.

The W1 has less storage options than the W2, but keep in mind that’s mostly due to the size. Specifically, the W1 has two side “saddle” pockets - one on each side, two velcro pockets on the front (we store the pull strap that allows you to pull the wagon behind you in there), and a large compartment in the front. Storage was never really an issue for us with the W1, though, because in addition to the wagon’s capabilities, we also attached a diaper bag or other bags with stroller hooks to the handle - greatly expanding the amount of stuff you can carry.

When it comes to the W2, though, you really don’t need to add much. There’s room to stash items under each bench seat (we usually do coats and maybe a small cooler), and in all of the storage pockets on the front and sides.

So, which wagon is better?

It’s a tie and here’s why. The W1 Original is a solid choice for most twin families. It has all of the features you might need in a wagon, including two seats with 5-point harnesses, storage, sun canopy, and adjustable handlebar. Plus, the price point is friendly for a first-time wagon owner. If you are someone who travels in tight stores or places, and has a smaller SUV, the W1 Original is a great option for you.

Now, if you have disposable cash and feel semi-confident your twins will enjoy strolling in the wagon, then the W2 Elite is a great choice for you. The upgraded features of more storage, higher seats for leg space, and overall comfort of the ride, make this a great choice if it’s in your budget and lifestyle. Keep in mind that this wagon is significantly larger than the W1 Original and will take up more trunk space. It may also be difficult to navigate in tight spots.

No matter which wagon you choose, we promise you (and your twins) will love it!!!

As brand ambassadors, we do receive a commission when you use our codes. Thank you for supporting our family.


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