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Organize Like a Pro with Milwaukee Packout Tool Organizer

The Milwaukee Packout is the best organizer for all your tools.

Milwaukee Packout

When it comes to working on our job site, no kit works harder than the Milwaukee Packout system.

The Packout is great for on-the-go, in the garage, and everywhere in between!

We're back and forth from the property every day, and since the job site is active, we don't want to leave our tools everywhere, getting in the way of our subs. Instead, we're able to take what we need for the day and be ready for all the projects that come our way.

Top three reasons we love the Packout:

  1. It's customizable. You can buy different pieces to fit your needs and it all clicks together for easy transport.

  2. It's tough. The impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners make it so it can handle the job site no problem.

  3. It's also storage. When the house is complete, he can store things super easy with a wall unit or storage shelf.

Here are our favorite items from the Packout and why you need them:

Milwaukee Packout Rolling Cart

This is the workhorse of the whole set. You need this to snap your pieces in and wheel them around. It's surprisingly lightweight and able to roll over all types of terrain.

Milwaukee Packout 3 Drawer Tool Box

This is a must-have for all of your little tools. Great for screwdrivers, bits, or blades, these drawers keep everything organized without getting into a jumbled mess.

Milwaukee Compact Organizer

This is probably our most-used accessory. It holds all of the nuts, bolts, and small things you use and will need for any project. It's lightweight enough that when you take it off, you can carry it around the site. You can also easily clip it back in and you're ready to roll. You never know what kind of bolt you might need, and this way, you have everything on site and ready to go.

Do you have a question about the Packout? Leave it in the comments!


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